Our Community

It takes a village to bring a passion project to life. Here is a partial list of people who have made, and continue making LETTERS READ a success. 
Omissions of any kind are purely unintentional.

Executive Advisory Board:
Christopher Kamenstein
Michel Varisco
Cole Halpern
Bill Hagler
Wallace Merritt

Our Fiscal Agent is Antenna

Major support for 2022
Corners Foundation
Robert Heriard
Mark Cotten

Significant support for 2021
Gayle Boudousquie
Bill Hagler
Jenny Dyer

Major support for 2020
Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities
LGBTQ+ Archives Project of Louisiana
Corner Foundation
Reba Judith Sandler Foundation
Mark Cotten

Significant support for 2020
Gayle Boudousquie
Robert Heriard
Soline Holmes
Diane, Christopher, Jeff and Ben Killion

Friends, family, neighbors, advisors, participants, collaborators, and supporters
Alicia P. Long
David Zalkind
Scott Ellis
Billy Phillips
Elton Shaw
Urmi Engineer Willoughby
Claiborne M. Christian
William Bowling
Steve Chyzyk
Steve Himelfarb
Marilyn Ruth Brown
Christopher Benfey
George Saucier
Colin Miller
Amy Waguespack
Christopher Harter
William Bowling
Shannon Flaherty
Dylan Hunter
Owen Ever
David Zalkind
Robert Feiseler
Robert Ticknor
Rebecca Smith
Pamela Arceneaux
Wayne Phillips
Ryan Leitner
Jim Meadows
Aimee Everrett
Marianna Mezhibovskaya
Angela Driscoll
Bob Snead
William Cotton
Fred Rhodes
Mamie Gasperecz
Jenny Dyer
Frank Perez
John Magill
Frank Perez
Cassie Pruyn
Kure Croker
Nicole Horne
Compton D’Lane
Wallace Merritt
Pamela Arceneaux
Michael Allen Zell
Ashton Akridge
Richard Mayer
Aaron Richert
Grace Kennedy
Mack C. Guillory III
Leslie Boles Kraus
Julie Dietz
Jean Allemond
Dante Fuoco
Reed Everette
Colin Miller
Robert Valley
Augustin Correro
Wes McWhorter
Nick Shackleford
Mikita Brottman
Kyle Petrozza
John Rushing
Cate Root
Erin Callais
Folwell Dunbar
Rob Hudak
Adam Newman
Peter J. Bowling
Jason Moore
Geoff Munsterman
Jeremy Webber
Fred Rhoads
Kathryn Anne O’Dwyer
Jeremy Brewer
Tom Strider
Sara Lowenburg
Julie Holman
Susan Maclay
Pierre de Pontalba
Randolph Delehanty
Howard Margot
Ella Camburnbeck
Dorian Bennett
Adam Bebe
Gwen Tompkins
Bernard Charbonnet
Teri Mojgani
Pat Ward
Camille Strahan
Paula George
Jeffrey B. Goodman
Susan Larson
George Ingmire
Peggy L. Fox and Thomas Keith
Peter Rodgers
M. L. Eichhorn
Adrienne McFaul
Sam Stover
Jonathan Lopez